Many people are religious believers of Thinspiration and despite following all Pro Ana Tips the results may seem to be far from the objective in some cases. That is not indicative of Pro Ana being a futile lifestyle choice but it is simply that we all are different and what works better for someone may not work well at all with others. We all have different levels of metabolism, different genetic structures and even the proportion of our muscles and adipose tissues are varied. To see some desired results with Pro Ana Tips and to realize the true benefits of Thinspiration, you would have to be a wise judge to determine which tips work well for you and which don’t. Here we would talk about some basic Pro Ana Tips and how you can judge whether they are working for you or not.

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Pro Ana Tips & Their Customization

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some popular Pro Ana Picutres, it is advisable that one must exercise when the stomach is entirely empty. It works well for some but not so well for some. Having a bit of excess weight does not necessarily mean that you are high on energy. You would need energy during workouts hence if you have absolutely no food in your body then that energy may be hard to obtain. Not everyone has the same tendency of burning fat for calories upon exercising. This is where your Thinspiration regime has to be different than others. You can easily grab a small healthy meal, a very small one and head for the gym or the running track about half an hour later. This should work well.
Thinspiration says that you must eat small meals frequently to lose weight and at the same time keep up healthy metabolism. That is true and one of the best Pro Ana Tips but if someone has very low level of metabolism naturally then he or she may end up eating more and burning less over five meals in a day. You have to customize this Pro Thinspiration

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strategy in case you belong to the latter category. What you can do, is work out and if you work out already then increase the intensity of the work out. If you feel completely exhausted after a workout then it is working for the good.
For Thinspiration to succeed you must always have a personalized approach since the Pro Ana Tips that have worked for your neighbor or friend may need a little tweaking to work in your case.

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* Note that during your thinspiration journey, weight loss results may vary for each individual due to different factors


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