Pro Ana Tips and Thinspiration Tips

Pro Ana Tips

1 Pro Ana Tips and Thinspiration Tips

Pro Ana Tips to Safely Lose Weight

5 Pro Ana Tips and Thinspiration Tips

Pro Ana Tips

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4 Pro Ana Tips and Thinspiration Tips

Thinspiration Tips


These Pro Ana Tips will get you that thin body shape you ever wanted. Sometimes it’s hard to try all the Thinspiration Tips because there is no time for it, but try working on most of them and you will lose weight and also fat in a very short period of time. If you want to lose weight much fast and also safely, try our ebook that you can find it at the right part of this site.


If you want to look just like the girl below, with no fast and great shape see our exclusive tips in the book.

gemmaward Pro Ana Tips and Thinspiration Tips

Pro Ana Girl

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* Note that during your thinspiration journey, weight loss results may vary for each individual due to different factors


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  1. Also tomatoes are a sour fruit so they shouldn’t be combined with other types of foods. Don’t mix different meats. Bread is bad because of yeast. Nonfat greek yogurt with a bit of honey or peanut butter mixed in will satisfy you for sleep and improve the health of your digestive system (unless you have to avoid dairy for other reasons). I repeat, don’t go hungry! Just remember that eaten properly, fairly small portions will be enough. If you are still hungry and don’t want any more of the type of food you just had, celery can be eaten with anything but fruit. So can lettuce and spinach and cabbage.

  2. I dont know who you think you are, but if you came here just to bash on people then get out. no one needs your bs.

  3. you need to start off with drinking soda because it helps bring your food up and you also need to make sure when your eating to eat enough because its harder to just purge a small meal verses a big meal. And the way you know you got it almost all out is that you see what you first ate. Good luck and i had the same problem when i tried but for me it come’s easy and i can easy purge after dinner without anyone knowing and fast. It takes time but good luck!

  4. me neither i cant purge, i tried sticking my toothbrush down my throat but all i got up was a little bit of blood. my mom says i am skinny, but i feel like a mcdonalds and burger king all rolled up in one. i am 11, i am 5ft 3 and wiegh 93 pounds ugh i am so ugly an fat. the only thing i eat is oatmeal and water. dancing is great for burning cals, this is my regular after school day: water, homework (if there is any, not to brag but i am an honor roll student) exercise, quick rinse off and away to dance we are supposed to eat supper there but i don’t:)

  5. start off with a 5 minute walk/jog, strecth do what you want, 50 jumping jacks(you will need to do a total of 250 each day, so space these off every 2-3 hours and do them), jump rope and hula hoop so your parents think your just playing not working out (sorry didn’t catch your age so i don’t know if your parents watch over you), drink tons of water and brush your teeth at least 3 times day, 15 lunges, 15 squats, 35 calf raises, stretch again to loosen up your muscles, 10 toe touches. you dont want to do muscle training every day, sign up for dance classes, sports, anything! good luck!

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