Pro Ana Tips and Thinspiration Tips

Pro Ana Tips

1 Pro Ana Tips and Thinspiration Tips

Pro Ana Tips to Safely Lose Weight

5 Pro Ana Tips and Thinspiration Tips

Pro Ana Tips

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4 Pro Ana Tips and Thinspiration Tips

Thinspiration Tips


These Pro Ana Tips will get you that thin body shape you ever wanted. Sometimes it’s hard to try all the Thinspiration Tips because there is no time for it, but try working on most of them and you will lose weight and also fat in a very short period of time. If you want to lose weight much fast and also safely, try our ebook that you can find it at the right part of this site.


If you want to look just like the girl below, with no fast and great shape see our exclusive tips in the book.

gemmaward Pro Ana Tips and Thinspiration Tips

Pro Ana Girl

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* Note that during your thinspiration journey, weight loss results may vary for each individual due to different factors


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  1. Wow nothing else worked so I tried “food combining” (google it) and shooting for 7 hours of yoga per week and I feel great and I have lost 4.5 pounds in three weeks and I don’t look pregnant anymore and my abs and arms are more toned. I still have more to lose but food combining is so easy. No hunger. No purging. You naturally eat less because you eat only certain foods together, just til you’re satisfied, and then don’t eat other foods til that has left your stomach. I’ll post a link for digestion times for different foods. Pasta or potatoes combine well with oil, garlic and any veggies. Protein only goes with leafy veggies and you can’t have oil or vinegar with it. Fruit is always by itself. It’s good to get a few doses of oil or nuts each day because it tells your body it’s ok to burn belly fat. All of this makes your digestion feel better and increases your metabolism, burning calories and increasing your energy.


    This link shows you digestion times for different foods so you can try “food combining”. Also pay attention to how you feel because these are estimates of how long it takes to leave your stomach. Don’t starve yourself, it’s not that kind of diet. Starving slows the metabolism. You will eat less, naturally, by separating foods that require different digestiive juices. Oh and if you want something that’s off the diet just don’t over do it, have it by itself, preferably at night so it will be completely digested by breakfast. (Have a nice bowl of oatmeal wih cinnamon but don’t have the apple til the oatmeal is digested). Enjoy feeling better! :) . Let me know if you need help with this. I’m learning too, but my thin friend is teaching me.

  3. Also tomatoes are a sour fruit so they shouldn’t be combined with other types of foods. Don’t mix different meats. Bread is bad because of yeast. Nonfat greek yogurt with a bit of honey or peanut butter mixed in will satisfy you for sleep and improve the health of your digestive system (unless you have to avoid dairy for other reasons). I repeat, don’t go hungry! Just remember that eaten properly, fairly small portions will be enough. If you are still hungry and don’t want any more of the type of food you just had, celery can be eaten with anything but fruit. So can lettuce and spinach and cabbage.

  4. I try to not eat..but it always end up with me doing it. There was one day when I just ate a pizza piece and I felt really great when I was going to bed knowing I ate that little. And now when I eat I feel terrible. I cry cause I hate it. Please help me and give me motivasion..I really need it!!

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