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ID 10024768 Pro Ana DietWhile Pro Ana Diet and Pro Mia are often used in the same breath, there is a slight difference in their technical definition. While Pro Ana is based on the anorexic nervosa eating disorder, Pro Mia is based on bulimia nervosa eating disorder. The latter is a disorder where someone eats large meals over a very short time primarily due to bingeing and purging. Either way, Thinspiration has some recommended Pro Ana Diet plans which work really well and it

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is not an impossible task to come down from 200 lbs to 100 lbs or less if you so desire.

Now, there are many Pro Ana Diets and which one you would like to choose depends on how fast you want to reduce your weight and what resources you have available. Some Pro Ana Diet plans recommend some specific food items which may or may not be to your liking and Thinspiration does not lead someone to sign up for a program unwillingly. You may want a 14 days Pro Ana Diet or opt for a 50 days Pro Ana Diet. Hence it entirely depends on you which one would be the best suit for you.

Typically a Pro Ana Diet needs you to reduce your daily calories intake marginally for the first couple of days. Following which you are recommended to have no meals and fast for a day. Following the first fast, you would need to further lower your calories intake and this time there is a considerable reduction. Over time, Thinspiration recommends that you cut down on the calories drastically to absolutely minimums such as 200 or 300 in a day. These are normally the last days of a Pro Ana Diet timeline.

Once Thinspiration helps you to obtain the desired results, you may not abide by the stringent regime but it is wise to maintain a lifestyle as per the Pro Ana Tips and the most common ones are to eat less, avoid food items rich in oil and hence calories. You also must maintain a convenient exercising routine to avoid putting on those extra pounds again.

Pro Mia, Pro Ana or Thinspiration may call for a diet plan that sounds like a crash course and it is exactly that but you have the freedom to choose whether you want a super fast weight loss program or a super slow one. Ideally you should opt for an average timeline as that would allow you the luxury to observe what is happening with your body and its systems.

There is also an ebook that explains very well the steps to achieve a Pro Ana Body with dozens of diets and also Pro Ana Tips. The author of that ebook is a real Pro Ana Girl wich achieved the weight she desired in less than 30 days wich is amazing. I have the ebook and I really love it!

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* Note that during your thinspiration journey, weight loss results may vary for each individual due to different factors


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