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There are so many popular diets and weight loss regimens out there that it is extremely difficult to choose one. You cannot possibly go about trying all the promising diets and try to decide on which one works the best. The same is the reality with Pro Ana diet. There are numerous versions and dynamically different types of Pro Ana diet which makes it very complicated for anyone to choose the ideal plan.

All weight loss plans would focus on weight loss foods and exercises and the best Pro Ana diet should do the same. Here is a brief guide on how you should prepare your Pro Ana diet. You can certainly endorse any popular ones available online or in books but the trick is also to customize the Pro Ana diet to suit your lifestyle, place where you live in and your specific body and its tendencies.

Weight Loss Foods In Your Pro Ana Diet

You must note that any Pro Ana diet would do away with numerous food items from your eating habits, whether you love them or not. There is no room for consumption of fatty foods or those that are richly cooked in oil and the likes. Here is a brief on what kind of weight loss foods you must endorse.

First, you should always go for foods that are freshly cooked or can be eaten fresh, uncooked. The options that you have are fruits, vegetables which can be juiced with the focus on green ones and white meat, ala poultry. Sea food and other fishes which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and do not have high sugar or glucose content are also recommendable. Chicken, fish or any white meat that you choose to eat should not be cooked in too much of oil. For the best results, opting for boiled food is the best option. Fruits should be eaten fresh and not as juices. Citrus fruits are acceptable but those with high glucose content should be avoided. Bananas, grapes,

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cucumber, orange, strawberries and blueberries can be included. Vegetables are desirable and if you can eat them fresh then that is ideal. Juicing vegetables also work well and if you are unable to consume either, then boiling them and preparing a

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dish is fine.

Nuts and seeds are welcome and it is imperative you include them in small quantities. It has to be remembered that even eating these foods in large serves would be counterproductive.

There are many foods that must be avoided, most importantly packaged food, ready to cook food, fast food, starch rich foods, grains and any processed dairy products. Avoiding alcohol is also extremely desirable in an ideal Pro Ana diet.


The Best Weight Loss Plans

The best weight loss plans are always those that blend in weight loss foods and exercise. This is what a Pro Ana diet should be. You should workout. It may be yoga, aerobics, dancing, jogging, walking or free hand exercises and stretching back home, every one of them is acceptable provided you do it sincerely and regularly. The best resource I use is from ‘The Venus Factor’, which is the best guide that I have used to date and you can too! Download it now below…

Download The Venus Factor

Venus Factor - My Pro Ana Journey – From Fatty to Eye Candy

* Note that during your thinspiration journey, weight loss results may vary for each individual due to different factors

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