My Pro Ana Journey – From Fatty to Eye Candy

Pro Ana Journey

My name is Jenny and I have never been the super thin kind of pro ana girl. However, when I entered college, and heard someone say “fatty Jenny” pointing at me one day and then the next day, I heard someone say “rolly Jenny”, followed by “humpty Jenny”, I realized that the bulk on me must be more than just puppy fat. What followed were the most horrible days of my life. I would love sharing my experience with you so that all the other Jennys out there don’t have to go through all the trouble that I went through.

fatty jenny

My confidence level was at an all time low. I wanted to shut myself in the room all the time. I dreaded entering the college. I craved a good body, those well toned abs, the slim waist, shapely butt and thin arms. I cried my heart out to my mum and she tried to console me, incidentally with a huge cup of my favorite ice cream. My mum told my dad about the plight of his pet daughter and he brought me my favorite burgers and French fries.

Together, we drew up an exercise regime. My mum made a list of things which were considered “low fat” and looked up recipes on the internet. We went out and shopped for some exercise gear and a weighing machine. Plucking up courage, I stood on the weighing machine. It read 198 pounds. I was shocked but not depressed because within a month, I would have the body I so desired now. I was really cheered up because I could finally avoid catcalls from all the insensitive people of the world. How wrong I was!






my pro ana journey





Week 1: My first trial – exercise and diet

Dad and I would set out for our jog at 6 in the morning. We would do one round of our nearby park and collapse on the lawn, before coming home ravished and eating generous helpings of the low fat breakfast which we had adopted. I had also read that frequent meals are good for weight loss. So, I hogged a large low fat salad (a bit of Ranch dressing was not wrong, was it? After all, I had jogged about a mile) at midday, sumptuous meal for lunch, a good snack in the evening and an early dinner. On the weekend, I allowed myself a little feast and enjoyed a large cup of ice cream.

A week passed and I was eager to check my weight and watch the needle dip by about 5 lbs. The scale, however, had a different story to tell. It read 197. That was all needed to burst out into tears. Beginnings are supposed to be tough. So, I endured and continued with the same regime for a couple of weeks more. This time, the needle dipped to 195 which was way too little for me. I realized that my jogging and restrained eating was getting me nowhere. I felt terribly guilty about that extra helping of Ranch dressing.


Week 4: My second attempt – starve like the model does 

The fourth week, I decided to up my efforts and cut drastically on food. I was desperate. I still heard catcalls and they depressed me more than ever. I completely refrained from breads and buns and drank lots of readymade juices, milk with protein powder, a bit of fruit and a bit of veggies. Meat, ice creams, cakes, pizzas and fries were completely out of my menu. I avoided sugars like plague. Soda cans from the refrigerator were stashed in the dustbin.

I was fine for a couple of days. The third day, I felt my head reel and sweat pouring all over. I was a fool not to realize that I was doing more harm to myself than good. At the end of the week, the dreaded needle dipped to 190 pounds. How glad I was! Finally, there was some result. But then, I noticed that I found tough to concentrate on studies, was lethargic without reason and wanted to sleep all the time. What was wrong with me? What is more, in the coming week, my weight shot up back to 198 lbs!

Over the next months, I tried everything. Diet plans, exercises, weight loss pills and weight loss body massages. My weight swung between 180 lbs and 190 lbs and then, stopped dropping altogether. The needle remained stuck at 180 lbs and I was at my wit’s end.


Realization and solution

One day, my best friend came in for a visit. She had noticed something wrong with me. I had not shared my weight loss efforts with anybody, my best friend included, because it was too embarrassing for me. But when she asked, I had to tell her the whole story. At the end of my tale, as I shook with tears, I realized that she was shaking out of mirth. What was so funny about it?

She told me how silly I was and that I should have asked her in the first place. She reminded me of her sister, who was nearly as plump as I was. She has followed something called “The Venus Factor” and had actually lost some weight in less than thirty days with the diets mentioned in the ebook! I did not believe it. But then I reasoned, there was nothing wrong in humoring my best friend and trying another method, especially after I had tried so many others.


Final trial – and now it worked!

Skinny Girl in bikini


I bought the ebook “The Venus Factor”. What got me hooked on it was the detailed descriptions about different kinds of body types, how to determine body composition, the concept of body mass index and the right way of weight loss. I thought back at all the regimes that I had followed and realized all the mistakes that I had made. I realized what was wrong with me when I went on a fad diet and stunned to read how dangerous it could be. The book was so interesting that I devoured it in a day. The more I read, the more captivated I was.

Before I reached the end of the book, I decided that I would follow its Pro Ana juice diet. The diet is not actually a crash diet. Although you eat much less than your intake, the diet takes care that your nutritional content is maintained. My own crash diet regime seemed rather childish in comparison. Best of all, the diet, which I needed to follow for 30 days, detoxified me completely and my skin glowed beautifully. What especially worked for me were the little tips. Although seemingly silly, they proved to be extremely effective for me.

I was on this juice diet for a month. Although I did feel slight discomfort because of the cut down in food, I was prepared for it because the book details side effects as well. It also gives you ways to remedy the discomfort by recommending diet supplements which enhance detoxification efforts of the diet.

The diet is split into three phases. Every phase is dealt with in great detail. You get to know what to eat and drink for each meal of the day in each phase, tips to get better results and how to cope with fatigue and weakness. Unlike many other diet plans, The Venus Factor does not hide side effects. Rather, it gives you remedies to cope with them, which work out wonderfully well. While I loved following the fasting juice diet, my mum loved the recipes which are detailed in the book. They are yummy, healthy and a great way to get thin.

I really loved the food journal which gives you a day by day account of the experience of the author when she followed the routine. Everything is stark clear. The book encourages you to keep a journal and note down your daily experiences. I surely did and it was great fun.

Pro Ana Boot Camp Deit (ABC Diet) promises a weight loss of 40 lbs in 4 months. I wish I had this book months ago. If I did, I would probably have the body I craved for by now. ABC Diet gives you a week-wise and day wise calorie plan for the promised 8 weeks.

Then, you also have Pro Ana Rainbow Diet which can help you lose up to 5 lbs in a week, the Lemonade Diet which can help you lose 20 lbs in 10 days, the Juice Diet which can help you lose a pound per day, the Cabbage Soup Diet to lose 10 lbs in 7 days, the 17 day diet, the 3 day diet and numerous other types of diet plans which really work.


Now when I stand on my weight machine, it dips to 120 lbs. Am I ecstatic or what!

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Pro Ana Tips

A huge segment of dieters and fitness enthusiasts have questioned the objective of Pro Ana diet and the concept of Thinspiration. What most people like to believe is that Pro Ana is simply a mode to promote anorexia. Thinspiration and Pro Ana tips are often criticized for trying to promote the risks of developing the disease. Now, while everyone has the luxury of opinion and choice, any standpoint must be a culmination of reasons and facts.


Pro Ana tips

Pro Ana is not aimed to promote Anorexia nor is it designed to make fun of the ailment either. Pro Ana tips are simply derived from some hard facts about the human body and general lifestyle. Today, we have records stating the pros and cons of every minute change in our lifestyle and it is upon these statistics that Pro Ana tips are formed.


3 Easy Pro Ana Tips

  • The first step of Pro Ana involves cutting down on your daily calorie intake. You would notice that it is not cutting down on your food intake. When it comes to fruits and legumes, you are pretty much free to have them but it is the restriction on fatty foods, meals that have a lot of carbohydrates to offer and even unnecessary amount of proteins. Hence, you can pull in the juicer and let go off the sodas, pick up those oranges and walk out off the burgers and the sandwiches.
  • Exercises are meant to be demanding. A lot of people take sufficient rest in between two sets of crunches or pushups. If you allow your body to rest during workouts then you are not causing enough contraction in your muscles and adipose tissues and even if you manage to religiously adhere to all other Pro Ana tips, you would never get the desired abs or reach the targeted weight. It is essential that you have only 30 seconds to 45 seconds of break in between two sets of exercises.
  • How you plan out your day would make a lot of difference if you are going the Pro Ana way. Couched in your living room is not going to help. You can take the dog out for a walk, indulge in outdoor activities, move around and mow the lawn instead of hiring someone and tasks that demand some form of physical labor. Exercises are great but there has to be additional activities to complement them to get results out of Pro Ana tips.


Pro Ana Tips

  •  Keep dancing, after meal, till you feel absolutely fatigued.
  • Scan magazines and TV channels with skinny lads.
  • Peppermint diminishes hunger. So pop in one before meal.
  • Feeling cold increases hunger so set on layers.
  • “Fat melting” meditation and concentration on these two words are effective.
  • A call to a friend while eating hinders food intake.
  • Learn thinspiration.
  • Shave legs. Strange but it works.
  • Sleeping on the left side aids fast digestion.
  • Put on tight jeans and look in to the mirror so that no flesh is moping out.
  • Pick and buy clothes that are tight. Aim to fit in to them in no time.
  • Would surprise but go tanning.
  • Pick up additional work load.
  • Be regular at Pro Ana chats.
  • Eat in a smaller plate.
  • Think of thin people.
  • Knitting keeps your hand busy. Keep at it.
  • Read a book at meal.
  • Sugar free gums off course.
  • Go for a run.
  • Exercise and feel exhausted.
  • Make thin friends.
  • Never carry money during walks.
  • A good posture can burn about 10% calorie. So have it correct.
  • Exchange Pro Ana Tips with friends.


I found much more Pro Ana Tips inside the ebook below. They are really helpful and helped many girls getting a thin body. I can’t share them because they are premium tips written by a authentic Pro Ana Girl who shares her story and the best tips that helped her.

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