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proana Do you want to be Pro Ana?

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venus Do you want to be Pro Ana?

You are probably very frustrated because you want to have that Thinspiration body you ever dreamed of. You could not do it until now because you did not had enough information, but since your a looking for more Pro Ana information, today I decided to help you achieve the amazing body that Pro Ana Girls already have it.
In a separate post I revelead amazing  Pro Ana Tips that actually made my best friend lose 19 lbs in about 12 days. I did not believed her, but in fact she took a picture of her every single day. In few days I will have the pictures too.

Asked her more than once if that is all, and she told me that the only thing she did was following those tips and she also had read the “The Venus Factor“ ebook.



I have been informed few minutes ago that the much appreciated ebook “The Venus Factor” which until today was available only to Private Members, it’s now available for anyone. The open status it’s only available today, so you’d better hurry up if you want the gold information from the “The Venus Factor“ ebook. The offer will end at the end of the day. This ebook is the only one available that is written by a real Pro Ana girl and the results are amazing. My best friend treats this book like a “Bible”. Also the discount is great and the price is so low that if you eat less for 2 days you can afford it!

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Is Pro Ana Ideal For You

When anyone talks about a weight loss program or a certain lifestyle, people tend to look at what it does or how beneficial it is. In reality, most diet programs would have some or many benefits for an individual. What really should be the question is whether or not a specific program is ideal for you.

The same question applies for Pro Ana as well. Pro Ana Thinspiration has certainly been a successful way for obese people to get back to a shape they had never envisioned themselves to be able to achieve. Not only has Pro Ana been able to combat obesity but it has also lent a lot of contribution towards achieving a healthier and fitter body. The question is that when there are so many well known benefits of Pro Ana Thinspiration, would it be ideal for you.

Pro Ana Thinspiration is one of the very few ways that can help someone to combat obesity. If you are obese and you can find that out by checking if your Body Mass Index is higher than 30, then Pro Ana Thinspiration can be your most trusted friend. Obesity is a disease and workouts or normal exercises in most cases cannot fight the problem. Pro Ana manages to yield excellent results.

Now, what if you are not obese but just a tad healthier than your friends or for your age? Would Pro Ana Thinspo be ideal for you?

The answer would depend on the kind of lifestyle you have presently. Are you fat because of lack of physical movement or because you eat a little more than desired. If you happen to be a healthy person and have put on a lot of weight just because you have a desk job then perhaps working out can do the trick and get you back to the shape you once had. In case, you eat a little more than required and despite physical movement and exercises are unable to lose weight then Pro Ana can be just what you would need.

There is a growing need to understand that a specific weight loss program would work in various ways for different individuals. Pro Ana is a great way to suppress your appetite and challenge the body to extremes. This becomes essential and the only way when your body is too comfortable with your lifestyle to shed those extra pounds.

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Venus Factor - My Pro Ana Journey – From Fatty to Eye Candy

* Note that during your thinspiration journey, weight loss results may vary for each individual due to different factors

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